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  Report to the Town of St. Stephen On The Major Economic Development Strategy
  Town of St. Stephen, N.B., April 2011

Enhancing Freight Mobility And A Regional Economy: An airport/railroad case study
  By Robin C. Chapman
Airport Consulting, Fall 2010

Shaping a Regional Vision: Finding the Right Models
Coastal Recovery Commission of Alabama, October 2010

“NASCO 2010 Conference in Iowa”
  By Rachel Connell
IAbiz, May 2010

"Urban Strategist"
  By Ellison Clary
Greater Charlotte Biz, December 2009

“Conversation - Michael Gallis”
  By Victoria Cherrie
Uptown Magazine, August 2009

“We have two systems in conflict and we are facing problems people haven’t grasped.”

"Recession a chance to revisit Charlotte transportation planning"
  By Laura Williams-Tracy
Charlotte Business Journal, August 2009

“The entire strategy, which is unique among American cities, is that the two systems should work together,”

"Humans impacting nature more than thought, study concludes"
  By Leo John
Triangle Business Journal, November 30, 2009

"A different take on where Charlotte is headed"
  By Erik Spanberg
Charlotte Business Journal, August 2008

"Connecting the Region to the World"
  By Lu Ann Franklin
NWI Times, Aug 27, 2008

Drowning out prosperity: "Freight tsunamis" heading toward U.S. threaten its position in the global economy
  By Dan McNichol
Roads&Bridges, March 2008

  Michael Gallis & Associates

Michael Gallis & Associates

Michael Gallis & Associates

  "In Depth: Michael Gallis, Let's Rebuild America"
  By Claudine Chalfant
News 14 Carolina, September 22, 2009

Infrastructure Success in Boston Raises Prospect of Future Urban Spending
  Blueprint America Series
PBS NewsHour, October 24, 2008

"We're separated by two oceans from 75 percent of the world economy.

The only way to get there is by air and sea. And our roads and rails is what's going to take our products and goods, our people and services to world markets and bring world markets to us.

We have to understand that the efficiency and quality of our infrastructure is going to be fundamental to our ability to compete in a global age."

America in Gridlock
  NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, October 14, 2008

"Return to the Forest Where We Live"
  By Liz Barnes, Charles E. Richard and Tika Laudun
Louisiana Public Broadcasting, 2008